The Government Will Consider Taking Action Against Telecommunication Companies That Charge Additional Fees For 5G

 The Minister of Communications, Fahmi Fadzil has now announced that the government will consider taking action against telecommunication companies that charge additional fees to existing customers who wish to access 5G services.

The Minister has explained to MCMC to ensure that no additional charges are imposed to use 5G services.

Several telecommunications companies have introduced new 5G packages under their offerings, but for users with existing plans, there are still those who need to subscribe to a 5G pass before being able to use 5G services.

The minister also stated that the entire infrastructure cost, up to the point of signing the share subscription agreement, is using public funds. Accordingly, there should not be any additional fees.

The Minister emphasized that if telecommunication companies continue to charge such charges, then they need to consider taking action related to it.

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