Redmi Watch 4 Review – Stylish, Useful and Worth it

 This Redmi Watch 4 is the latest smart watch that was also launched along with other accessories namely the Redmi Buds 5 and also the recent Redmi Notes 13 series smartphones. The smart watch from Redmi this time is an affordable smart watch that I feel is worth the price offered. This review is based on my experience after 2 weeks of using it every day to do various daily activities.


Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro

1.97″ AMOLED screen, 450 x 390, 600 nits

Processor –

Memory/Storage –

HyperOS Operating System

5ATM protection

Sensors Optical pulse scanner, accelerometer sensor, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, electronic compass, barometer sensor, bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor

Others GPS, Galileo, Glonass, BDS, QZSS, Bluetooth 5.3, Rotary knob Speaker Microphone

470 mAh battery

10 days endurance (AOD Mode)

Endurance 20 days (Normal Use Mode)

30 days endurance (Saving Mode)

Aluminum Frame Construction Material

Glass screen

Rubber watch strap

Price RM459


At first glance, it looks like an Apple Watch, but if you look closely, the design on the Redmi Watch 4 is different. This Xiaomi smart watch has a sleek design with dimensions of 47.6 x 41.1 x 10.5 mm and weighs 31.5g. On the back there is a sensor with a matte finish that is comfortable when in contact with the skin.

The watch strap is made of silicone that comes in a choice of white and black colors that feel soft and quality when held. But there is still a choice of additional watch straps with more diverse colors and can be customized according to the wearer's style and taste. The process of putting on and taking off the watch from the wrist only feels clumsy during the initial period of use.

After the second day of wearing it to work, I'm getting better at putting it on the wrist. The strap is also comfortable on the wrist without feeling tight or uncomfortable. It's just that if you wear it tightly, it might feel a little itchy. While on the right side, there is a rotating knob that will vibrate the clock when rotated to move the display.

What is more exciting is that the structure of opening the watch strap if you want to change it is quite simple. I say this because the watch strap is easy to remove and install, by simply pressing the button built into the back of the watch.

In addition, Redmi also provides more than 200 types of clock interface backgrounds that can be selected according to the suitability and type of graphic design that users like. Through the variety of available interface designs, users can express their individuality according to their taste.

The Redmi Watch 4 smart watch screen is built with a size of 1.97" which I feel is adequate for a smart watch display. I say this because with the available screen size it already looks quite large on my wrist. But I have no complaints about the size of this screen because logically I have to accept a relatively large screen display on a smart watch because there are many things that need to be displayed.

If the built-in display is too small, it will be difficult for the user to see the display. This view will probably only be realized in the minds of those who prefer the design of a small-sized watch compared to a large-sized watch that covers the entire width of the wrist.


After using this Redmi Watch 4 smart watch every day for 2 weeks, I can say that what this watch presents is very good. Every scrolling in the display is very smooth with no frustrating lag issues. The movement of the display when touched or when moved using the rotary knob is also good and smooth.

The use of this Redmi Watch 4 is with the Mi Fitness application which must be downloaded for free on the AppStore, PlayStore and Huawei AppGallery. I tested it on a Redmi Note 13 5G device and the connection process only required a few simple steps including scanning the QR code displayed on the watch.

The HyperOS on this Redmi 4 watch does not suffer from any software issues. I found the notifications that appear on the clock are also fast and there are no issues with them sometimes not appearing. Next, the fitness applications provided can also be used easily and are not annoying.

Moving on to the sensor part built into this Redmi watch where the Bluetooth and WiFi functions work well. Through the provided fitness application, the results and data shown are also logical. Redmi also in its advertisement guarantees higher monitoring accuracy due to its PPG sensor configuration has been upgraded to include 4 channels to help improve the accuracy of health monitoring.

Next, with the help of scientific and thorough sleep monitoring technology is also available on this Redmi watch. Through it, when the watch is worn while sleeping, this watch records the different stages of the wearer's sleep state in real time according to the percentage. Among the stages of sleep that will be stated are deep sleep, light sleep and also how many times the user wakes up from sleep. This technology can subconsciously improve sleep habits and quality and make me more aware of my daily sleep routine patterns.

Not only that, from the aspect of health monitoring, this smart watch can also do some things that I consider useful for those who want to constantly monitor the body's basic health level in real time. For example, there is blood oxygen saturation monitoring that will be recorded throughout the day where this watch will vibrate as a signal if the wearer's blood oxygen saturation is too low.

In addition, there is also monitoring of heart rate and blood pressure. This watch will display a notification requiring the user to do breathing exercises when the recorded pressure level has reached 80 twice in a row.

What is more exciting is that this Redmi Watch 4 provides more than 150 types of sports modes that can meet the needs and interests of many users. The types of sports available are running, walking, cycling and many more. In fact, what makes me even more excited is that the correct warm-up method by a professional trainer can also be shown on the screen for correct posture as a measure to reduce the risk of injury during sports.

Not stopping there, this smart watch also has a 5ATM waterproof feature which according to Redmi is suitable for 18 types of aquatic sports. If even for sports that involve water it can work well then just to survive in the rain there is no problem for the Redmi Watch 4 to continue working.


Looking at the battery life on the Redmi Watch 4, I can say that the battery capacity is quite good and not disappointing. This is because, this smart watch is able to last up to 20 days in normal use mode and 10 days in Always-On-Display mode.

The Redmi Watch 4 also comes with a portable magnetic charger that allows it to be charged easily. If the battery saving Mode is turned on anyway, it can last up to 30 days. Overall, for a smart watch with many features available but still able to maintain such battery life is very adequate.


1x Redmi Watch 4

1x Watch strap

1x Portable magnetic charger

1x Set of manuals and safety books


In conclusion, overall I would like to say that this Redmi Watch 4 smart watch is a budget smart watch that can work well overall without any problems. Not only that, as I have commented above, there are also many functions, features and applications available on it. The price is also worth what this watch offers which is RM459.

Even so, in the production of the next release of the watch, maybe Redmi can emphasize a screen display that is more friendly for use under sunlight. A brighter screen display is very necessary especially for users who like to do outdoor activities and are exposed to the scorching sun.


Smooth and fast

Long lasting battery

A sensor that can record health data well


The screen is not bright enough

No wireless charging

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