Sam Altman Reportedly In Talks With TSMC For Custom AI Chips


AI devices are slowly starting to become a trend. We already have Humane AI, Rabbit R1 and the latest Samsung Galaxy S24. But should AI devices be produced? Can it be a smartphone replacement? Or continue Samsung's strategy with Galaxy AI, which is to embed generative AI features directly into smartphone software?

Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI has a different opinion. He has since last year been reported to be interested in presenting an AI device together with Johny Ive. Most recently, the Financial Times reported that Altman had discussed with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) for the development of specialized processing chips for AI.

There is no further information about it, other than this device is said to be an iPhone for artificial intelligence. Tang Tan who is the former head of design at Apple has also joined Ive's company LoveFrom to develop this AI device. Let's wait together, can this OpenAI device compete with Humane AI and Rabbit R1 or vice versa?

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