Sony ULT Power Sound Series Now In Malaysia, Price Starting From RM629

Sony ULT Power Sound is a new series of audio products from Sony that targets young consumers and those who love music. There are 4 products introduced last month which are ULT TOWER 10, ULT FIELD 7, ULT FIELD 1 and also ULT WEAR. Now all these products have been officially launched in Malaysia. The ULT series is said to be a new iteration of the Extra Bass series.

ULT Tower 10

Tower 10 is a giant speaker that was developed specifically for use when there are many people such as banquets, parties, book fairs and so on. This speaker uses ULT Power Sound audio technology which gives the user two modes which are ULT1 for increasing the bass at low frequencies and ULT2 for the booming bass for dancing. The built-in Party Connect feature can match this speaker with various other Sony speakers for cinema-like audio.

Also built in is a microphone for the speaker to detect noise and adjust the audio profile so that it is appropriate no matter the situation. 360° Party Sound and 360° Party Light are able to enliven any event with each flame according to the rhythm of the music. Sony has also made sure that these speakers are compatible with guitars, connect to a television for an immersive viewing experience and provide a wireless microphone for karaoke mode. All control buttons are included on the top surface of the speaker.

ULT Field 7

Field 7 is a mini version of Tower 10 because it offers more or less the same features and functions with the main difference being that it is designed to be easily carried anywhere. This means that this speaker is a portable type with a built-in battery that lasts up to 30 hours or a 10-minute charge for it to last for 3 hours. Karaoke mode, guitar and connection to television and Party Connect are also supported but no wireless microphone is provided.

ULT1 and ULT2 bass modes are retained. Although Field 7 has a lighting system, it does not support 360° Party Sound and 360° Party Light. The speaker also comes with a built-in handle for easy portability. The control buttons are all on the front of the speaker instead of on top like the Tower 10. This speaker also has IP67 protection so it can be played by the pool or on the beach.

ULT Field 1

Just look at the name we already know that Field 1 is an affordable version of Field 7. There is only one bass mode and it cannot be changed which is ULT1. It has a microphone but for phone calls not for tuning audio profiles and is designed to be smaller in size. It can also be placed either vertically or horizontally and the Field 1 also supports IP67 protection.

The battery lasts for 12 hours, it uses a Bluetooth connection so in addition to playing videos or music it can also be used to answer phone calls. Sony doesn't include a built-in virtual assistant feature but there's no problem calling out to the phone and answering and hearing feedback on the Field 1. Four colors are offered, namely Black, Off-White, Forest Gray and Orange.

ULT Wear

This is the only set of headphones in the Sony ULT series. Sony tried to bring their Tower 10 speaker bass technology into ULT Wear. It has ULT1 and ULT2 bass mode buttons, is powered by the same Sony V1 chip on the 1000X series and uses an audio driver specially designed for Wear. Interesting features on the 1000X headphone set such as active noise cancellation are also provided, clear audio details as if studio recordings can also be enjoyed, and designed with user comfort in mind.

A built-in ambient light sensor can automatically pause music when the ULT Wear is removed. The Bluetooth connection also supports dual-devices simultaneously, the battery lasts for 30 hours with ANC and 50 hours without ANC. Only three colors are offered namely Black, Off-White and Forest Grey.

Every Sony ULT Power Sound product is built with recycled plastic as part of Sony's strategy in caring for the environment. ULT mode on Tower 10, Field 7 and Wear can also be turned off if you don't want excessive bass. Each of these products can also be controlled with the Sony Headphones Connect app.

Sony ULT Wear has already been on sale for the past few weeks at Sony's official physical and online stores as well as through authorized distributors. For speakers, Sony is doing pre-orders at Lalaport starting yesterday, May 31 until June 3. The following are the sale prices along with the promotions offered;

Sony ULT Tower 10 – RM4,999

Sony ULT Field 7 – RM2,099

Sony ULT Field 1 – RM629

For all three speakers –

Free Montigo Ace 18Oz water bottle.

Free Sony WH-CH520 headphones worth RM229.

Chance to spin and win Sony merchandise.

Sony ULT Wear – RM899

Free Montigo Ace 18Oz water bottle.

Free Sony SRS-XB100 speakers worth RM259.

Chance to spin and win Sony merchandise.

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