6 YouTube Channels That Can Help The Learning Process During An Outbreak


When the home-based learning model was implemented because of the COVID-19 pandemic, YouTube has become a learning medium for students around the world. Many educators and students use YouTube to prepare or learn course materials.
Learning is one of the activities currently suspended on platforms like YouTube. So that you don’t get bored of watching the show, here are six channel suggestions that provide educational and engaging content.

Rain Question Mark

The Rain question mark can be used as an alternative learning resource on YouTube.com. With more than 360 million subscribers, the channel always covers general topics about unfamiliar perceptions. The categories that you can access are also very diverse, from technology, science, learning tips & tricks, how to learn, to asking an expert. The concept of informal learning offered by Rain Ask Questions is guaranteed to make you feel at home watching it.

Science Bro

By focusing on science topics, Bro’s Science channel packs material that is considered boring into a fun show. Uniquely, Bro Science describes their material through simple animations drawn with markers rather than sophisticated software. The channel, which has more than 80,000 subscribers, provides two video categories for you to choose from, including physical sciences and life sciences.

Let's Think

The next YouTube.com channel is Let's Think. Not much different from Science Bro, Ayo Mikir presents its video content with engaging animations. In addition, they always upload new videos every week with various categories, including biology, astronomy, universe 101, to the ones that are trending. To date, Let’s Think has more than 94 thousand customers.

Crash Course

Need overseas channel recommendations? You can open a Crash Course on YouTube.com. The channel, which has been in existence since 2006, presents a variety of core school materials, such as biology, sociology, history, physics, chemistry, to computer science. To illustrate the material, Crash Course, which already has more than 12 million subscribers, presents the material with visuals that make its content more informative.

English with Lucy

Those of you who want to hone their English skills can stop by English with the Lucy channel. With more than 8 million subscribers, the channel doesn’t just teach grammar and vocabulary. You can also access other content that is no less useful, such as pronunciation methods, accents in each country, and of course tips & tricks for becoming proficient in English. The duration of the video, which ranges from 10 to 15 minutes, will not make You bored while watching it.


The last Youtube.com channel that can watch videos is Computephile. While browsing this channel, you can learn various types of content related to operating systems, coding or programming languages, data encryption, and so on. Illustrations are added so that the explanations given are easy to understand. Computerphile has so far managed to capture more than 1.8 million subscribers.

Did you find a channel that suited your learning needs? In addition to focusing on watching, don't forget to set the time as well. Don’t let you forget other activities because you love watching videos on the YouTube.com channel. Rest also so that your eyes can rest for a while.
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